"Infinitely better for Stop and Go driving. Now I'm no longer afraid I won't be able to get to the pedals quickly in case of an emergency plus I can sit farther back from the airbag"

Louise W., Laguna Beach, CA

"For years I've been afraid of the airbag when I'm driving. Pedal Extenders give me peace of mind because I know I'm not sitting right up against the airbag."

Cathy S., Mt Kisco, NY

Car Pedal Extensions give shorter drivers, or heavier drivers the ability to maintain a safe distance from the airbag while enjoying a comfortable drive.

Car Pedal Extenders for Shorter Drivers

Get out of the Airbag Zone:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration strongly recommend that drivers keep at least 10 to 12 inches back from the airbag. But that can be impossible for many shorter drivers. Not anymore....

With Pedal Pusher Extensions, you can sit two, three, or four inches further back...helping move you out of the airbag danger zone. This decreases your risk of airbag injury, helps protect your face, and allows the airbag to expand fully, so it can do it's job.

Pedal Extensions help you feel secure while ensuring you the protection that only an airbag can provide.

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